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 down in the valley the famine goes on, the famine up on the hill

i say you shouldn’t, you couldn’t, you can’t

you say that you must and you will

(DIFFERENT SIDES; Leonard Cohen) 

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Hannibal reading

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heateusmeme - [2/4] characters: freddie lounds

"unfortunately, i did not evolve the ability to feel shame."

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  // in those moments - they are not flesh; but light, and air, and color.  //

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all the eyesex in this one foreplay scene

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Mason’s ‘Thrill Shop’ (Beware for children) 
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ADA Rafael Barba in Criminal Hatred

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superjoolsfanwarrior replied to your post: so you know charlie, my new cat right….

That is some shit reasoning ( on your mothers side) be aware you can be proud and still not tell her!

it is extremely shit, but it’s her. i’ve dealt with this kind of thing forever and if she tells me to trust her and tell her, i don’t know how she expects me to when that kind of thing is all i hear. but i can’t be proud or even myself because she’s suspicious already and has been for a while, and it’s going to escalate until it’ll explode into a fight and i don’t want it to be that way. i wanted to be able to tell her on my own terms but she’s so controlling she’ll try to force me and it gives me such terrible anxiety and panic and i can’t do it